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Wise teens and god a paper on qualities of a wise teenager

The only story in the Bible of Jesus' childhood is the time He stayed behind at the temple. Thankfully, we have four Gospel writers who record a great deal of what took place, including specific details surrounding His birth. There is much we can learn from this fascinating story.

10 Traits of a Wise Woman

An exceptional Child Luke 2: We also see that Jesus was reared in a devoutly religious home, as shown in the next two verses. The story we are exploring involves a family pilgrimage to Jerusalem for the annual feast of Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread and what took place shortly after. Interestingly, social scientists today have confirmed the benefits for children growing up in a religious environment. How could they have gone so far without realizing this?


Joseph and Mary were obviously relying on Jesus to act in a responsible manner during the trip home from Jerusalem. They had learned by this time that their oldest child was a very reliable, capable and dependable youth. Had He been unpredictable or immature, then they would have felt the need to oversee His whereabouts more closely.

But apparently they had no reason to expect anything out of the ordinary.

  1. Just think about that, who would want to build a house on a sand-dune? But when the floods came he had no hope!
  2. But winter was the time to build. With the offending pin in hand, I confronted the girl.
  3. According to research by the Fuller Youth Institute, 40 to 50 percent of kids who are part of a youth group in high school fail to stick with their faith in college.
  4. Rather than help students cultivate a lifelong relationship with Christ, I focused on getting them to live a Christian lifestyle. This leaves young adults feeling homeless.
  5. I assumed that the youth, who had grown up in the church, already knew the Jesus story well and were likely to be bored by it.

This was understandable behavior on their part since there was no way they could have envisioned anything other than reliable conduct from their Son and a normal trip home to Nazareth after the Passover festival. They were startled to find that He was not with the caravan; and then, filled with concern, they spent the next day traveling back to Jerusalem amid great consternation hoping to find Him safe. Found in the temple It appears it was on the third day after the festival that they found Him in the temple area.

He was not playing with other boys, lost or even scared to be on His own. Truly they were in the presence of a very divinely gifted young man.

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Once He was located, Joseph and Mary were relieved to find Jesus safe. Mary took the lead in asking what it all meant. It seems Joseph remained quiet for the moment and allowed her to speak for them both. Perhaps it is because Jesus was conceived in her womb or, being a woman, she was the one more emotionally distraught after the days of searching, but Mary now sought an answer from her Son.

Look, Your father and I have sought You anxiously. Jesus did not give prior warning that He intended to remain in Jerusalem.

  • It is with that Faith, and that Faith alone that we can begin to please God and follow Him!!!
  • We have been only hearers long enough;
  • I believe that moment was, for her, a powerful encounter with the God of second chances;
  • It is wise for us as women to set guidelines to keep worldliness from slipping into our own personal lives or homes.

Perhaps He hoped, that Joseph and Mary would conclude that He had important work to accomplish and that they would not worry when He turned up missing. Spiritual understanding Jesus must have had some very profound conversations with His parents growing up. His mother would have related the story of His birth and what Gabriel said when he appeared to her nine months prior to His birth.

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He had a strong grasp of His own purpose for being on the earth. The zeal to please His Heavenly Father and do the work of God would have burned strongly in Him even at this time in His young life.

So, perhaps Jesus felt His parents, on this occasion, would consider all this and that it would allay any anxiety concerning His whereabouts. Of course, parental concern for their 12-year-old was so strong that they were not fully able to understand what He said to them Luke 2: But for now Jesus determined to return to Nazareth and continue to be subject to Joseph and Mary verse 51.

  • Grace needs to be our default position, the way in which we reflexively respond to students;
  • Beyond this, prayer buddies can also be a powerful form of intergenerational connection.

By then He would be ready to face the greatest challenge any man could ever face. Why did Luke record this event? All three of the key players in this account showed godly responses to the circumstances they faced and ended up maturing as individuals.

Yet, through it all, no one sinned and the parent-child relationship was strengthened not damaged.

  1. His mother would have related the story of His birth and what Gabriel said when he appeared to her nine months prior to His birth.
  2. This gem is a good blessing.
  3. What every teen knows, however, is that the church is not cool. Students who leave church in their early twenties may return in their late twenties.
  4. Are we replacing the good for the evil etc.
  5. Thankfully, we have four Gospel writers who record a great deal of what took place, including specific details surrounding His birth.

They were also helped by the Holy Spirit that came from our Heavenly Father. We hope you do.