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The most important part of being your best


The answer is respect. Lack of respect in relationships is a man-problem. Even when a man recovers, he has already degraded the relationship, his partner has already responded in turn, and the two of them have set a precedent for the future. Men hate being disrespected.

How To Be the Best Version of Yourself

How to Show Your Partner Respect Praise Her Achievements For some reason, us guys have this God complex where we have a hard time allowing someone to bask in their accomplishments without sizing them up.

Maybe this was beneficial to our development protecting territory? X, years ago, but it has no place in modern relationships.

  • The first step is lacing up you shoes and hitting the pavement;
  • To be your best self in your personal relationships you need to develop your awareness of yourself;
  • It takes a little while to clear your past from your present, so give this process some time.

Show her your excitement, and tell her that her achievements are yours too. Praise her to your friends and colleagues. Look for ways to celebrate together. Practice Gratitude Daily This is as good for you as it is for your partner.

Expressing gratitude for the things your partner does makes her feel better about herself, and gives her the permission to be even better. No thing or action is too small for you to express your gratitude! It will make her feel good about herself, and make her feel better about the relationship.


I also believe this is just part of being a real man. A few more important ones that are without need for commentary: Over the course of your relationship, love will fluctuate up and down.

  1. Where are the skills you want to hone? Recognize the opportunity at hand.
  2. Look for ways to celebrate together.
  3. I don't think that people take enough time to tell people who inspire them what an impact they make on their lives! Launch your MVP early.
  4. The words you use, the choices you make, the respect you pay is love.
  5. What Gets Between You And Your Greatness, because sometimes what got us here isn't going to get us to where we need to be. As you do this your awareness will increase and old feelings might come to the surface.

But, Love true love is a verb. Showing her off at your work party is love. Taking out the trash is love. The words you use, the choices you make, the respect you pay is love.

The Most Important Part of Your Relationship, According to Science

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