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The moral issues of abortion in the united states

Around the same time, the Trump administration proposed that Title X federal funding be withheld from abortion clinics as a tactic to reduce the practice, a strategy similar to that of Texas and other states to shut down clinics by burying them in an avalanche of regulations, which the U.

Abortion and Morality

Supreme Court struck down in 2016 as an undue burden on women for a constitutionally guaranteed right. If the goal is to attenuate abortions, a better strategy is to reduce unwanted pregnancies.

  • However, there are two strategies that attempt to locate personhood within even the most undeveloped fetuses;
  • The anti-abortion mood prevalent in this country in the late 19th century was shared by the medical profession.

Two methods have been proposed: Abstinence would obviate abortions just as starvation would forestall obesity. There is a reason no one has proposed chastity as a solution to overpopulation.

Support for Abortion Slips

Sexual asceticism doesn't work, because physical desire is nearly as fundamental as food to our survival and flourishing. Who were these immaculately conceiving parthenogenetic Marys? They were twice as likely as other pregnant women to have signed a chastity pledge, and they were significantly more likely to report that their parents had difficulties discussing sex or birth control with them. When women are educated and have access to birth-control technologies, pregnancies and, eventually, abortions decrease.

After fertility levels stabilized, contraceptive use continued to increase, and abortion rates fell. Something similar happened in Turkey between 1988 and 1998, when abortion rates declined by almost half when unreliable forms of birth control for one, the rhythm method were replaced by more modern technologies for example, condoms.

But as I read the research, when women have limited sex education and no access to contraception, they are more likely to get pregnant, which leads to higher abortion rates.

Abortion Is a Problem to Be Solved, Not a Moral Issue

When women are educated about and have access to effective contraception, as well as legal and medically safe abortions, they initially use both strategies to control family size, after which contraception alone is often all that is needed and abortion rates decline. Admittedly, deeply divisive moral issues are involved.

Ethical Issues on Abortion

Abortion does end a human life, so it should not be done without grave consideration for what is at stake, as we do with capital punishment and war. Likewise, the recognition of equal rights, especially reproductive rights, should be acknowledged by all liberty-loving people.

But perhaps progress for all human life could be more readily realized if we were to treat abortion as a problem to be solved rather than a moral issue over which to condemn others.

  • For, what we know now, and the Stoics did not know then, is that developed fetuses inside the womb do interact with their surroundings;
  • So killing a fetus is just like killing a human being, which is completely wrong;
  • There are two problems with the biological continuity argument;
  • Sexual activity is no exception to this;
  • They were twice as likely as other pregnant women to have signed a chastity pledge, and they were significantly more likely to report that their parents had difficulties discussing sex or birth control with them.

As gratifying as the emotion of moral outrage is, it does little to bend the moral arc toward justice. His new book is Heavens on Earth:

  • But animal rights advocates argue that many higher animals do have moral personhood, such as chimpanzees, dolphins, dogs and cats;
  • Some can be taller than a person with countless facets and protrusions, but they typically begin with a single microscopic nucleus, and progressively grow out from that into complex forms and shapes;
  • According to the potentiality argument, the fertilized egg in her womb at 2;
  • One possible reason for this, as some have speculated, is because the justices do not want to go down in history as radically redirecting a now well-established foundation of Constitutional law;
  • Much of the force behind the conservative view of abortion comes from religious tradition, perhaps more so than from the above two arguments which are more secular in nature.