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Strategic human resource management is powerful and influential

Human performance in organizations reflects on the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and values. Since the abilities and skills will help the organization to better performance and productivity, any expenditure on education and development is a long term investment that as long as the organization can benefit from it.

The aim of this research is assessment of influence of structured workshops by resource management at different levels of acquaintance, skills, updates, and upgrades in field of teaching before teaching for invited professors and tuition.

So in a case study in the first semester of the academic year of 91- 92, 30 teachers with no teaching experience in tuition PNU after internal interview was selected as a sample. Then their awareness of indicators of effective strategic human resource management is powerful and influential and training allowance of two categories before and after the workshop assessed and evaluated by a questionnaire.

Also there is significant difference between the knowledge of laws and regulations and effective teaching index before and after the workshop on four indicators: So it shows the impact of targeted workshops and the role of education experts in the process of recreating human resource management in higher education systems.

Human capital, is not only physical or financial capital But it is defined as the knowledge, skills, creativity and health 3. Experience has shown that the human ability impact on the development of societies and organizations, it is more likely than other inputs such as physical inputs. Therefore, the importance of human resources performance in developing countries for researchers and planners caused to researchers and planners pay attention to the issue of human resource management 4.

In the areas of human resource management, the impact of human resource management policies and practices on the organizational Performance is important subject. And organizations can Improve and enhance the quality of the staff by providing education and promoting inclusive.

Indeed, Studies show that investment in education will lead to greater efficiency. Therefore, learning organization chooses to invest on people, because people are actually valuable human capital that has different qualities and create added value for the organization 5. Therefore, this paper intends the first by emphasizing the role of human resource management practices of the teaching staff and focusing on the job training, discuss the role of pre-service training for teachers tuition at State University, then discuss identify and define indicators of effective teaching then determine laws and regulations, public skills, basic training in this workshop.

Human resource management is a process include 4 tasks: Therefore Human resource management objectives is achieve the strategic human resource management is powerful and influential results of the collective efforts of staff conduct: Supply of staff at low cost; Nurture and develop the talents and skills of people; Maintaining of competent personnel good and create of relations between them; Providing material and spiritual needs of staff satisfaction that to be created necessary alignment between their personal goals and objectives of the organization.

Indeed, selection strategy is a stage to accept or reject the request applicants to be chosen so that the most qualified and most appropriate 5. The applicant state their readiness to coteach by sending of required document in most cases, like the Higher Education system.

Documents required for teachers tuition academic units are 8: So in the organizations, development of human resource by education as inseparable process that create ability and talent, increase knowledge, change attitudes and ultimately influence on behavior and performance; has an important role in the development of the organization 9. Also William James 1995at Harvard University, in a research concluded that the staff of organizations use 20 to 30 percent of their ability to learn.

His research showed if staff are trained and deserves to be encouraged, show 80 to 90 percent of their ability. So Human Resource Management has an important role in the different levels include: Introduction, skill acquisition, updating and promoting effective teaching skills for teach 10. Staff training and development methods The aim of training for administrative staff is increase their expertise and capabilities in performing duties and the act of putting some of their potential.

To enhance the skills of administrative staff, different training methods are used that the most common methods are as follows: Master of Education — Prentice, 3. Learning in a similar situation before you begin, 4.

Training with theoretical education, 5. Courses outside the institution, 7. Introduction to Organization 11. Also job training caused staff for Legal Accountability to Supervisor use innovation and the new method 12.

So the role and Importance of education for education systems and organizations is clear but in this research the emphasis is on training before starting work. Primary education before work The aim of Primary education before work is introduction with the new working environment.

Experience has shown that the main memory of each employee in the workplace, is dealing with a boss or co-workers who have been in the beginning. Studies have shown this subject increase sense of loyalty and belonging to the organization for new staff. Basically justify or training usually takes place in three stages: Indicators of effective teaching 5-1. Planning Planning is a Process of identifying and defining goals and providing the means and measures that Makes it possible to realize the objectives 13.

It should be noted that the definition of the concept of the lesson plan is scheduled similar meaning which it is represent four specific role of planning in effective teaching PNU that they are: The best and most complete of learning and study strategy is organization that it Plays an important role in learning of how to learn by the classification of Contentsand create a logical and meaningful connections between content and different seasons 14.

The Role of Human Resources Management on Enhancing the Teaching Skills of Faculty Members

In the general sense evaluation in order to determine the value of a thing and specifically Evaluation determines the success of a program, a course, a test that considers the primary purpose 15. It is noted that the evaluation system PNU the design of the final exam questions and test time can be centralized with two forms: Teaching Methods is a teacher practice in the classroom and creates opportunities for learning. However, due to the variety of teaching methods, experienced teacher can creates effectiveness of learning and transfer of strategic human resource management is powerful and influential using a combination of teaching methods and instead of a mere transmission of content 2.

Thus the educational conditions is proportional with semi-person structure of students. Use simple, direct and organized are behaviors that most clearly attributed to teachers. The results of this researches showed clear expression is directly proportional with high levels of teacher knowledge and word ambiguity is directly related to the low level of knowledge 17.

In this research, of the above mentioned skills, 5 skills includes: METHODS This research is an experimental study that in the first semester of the academic year 91-92, 30 tuition teachers without teaching Experience in the Payame Noor University were selected as a Sample after interview.

It should be noted that the age group of 52. Also they were learning effective teaching skills and measures as indicators in the evaluation forms that were completed by students in the classroom. RESULTS Results are discussed in reply to two main question and two hypothesis Which of the five components of effective teaching before and after the workshop for teachers is not clear?

Which of the five components of effective teaching before and after the workshop for teachers is clear? It should be noted that in this research, were used effective teaching and education regulations as two main categories and five components meme: As can be seen out awareness component of effective teaching on pretest equals to 32. Out awareness component of meme on pretest equals to 3.

Out awareness component of evaluating on pretest equals to 2. Out awareness component of organization on pretest equals to 3. Out awareness component of planning on pretest equals to 4. Out awareness component of rules and regulations on pretest equals to 11. So the whole of 5-fold component of effective teaching and rules and regulations is obvious after holding workshops for teachers than before.