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Les miserables theme of love and sacrifice

Dispose of me as you please; but help me first to carry him home. I only ask that of you. Sacrifice, and Courage are only a few of the main themes Hugo wanted to develop. In a book of mistrust, poverty, and hate? The first example of this was at the very beginning, when Jean Valjean stayed with the bishop.

Valjean stole his silver? He ends up being caught by police, but when the police questioned the bishop, he claimed to have given the silver to Valjean.

  • Now he is a good man;
  • I only ask that of you;
  • Before she dies in his arms, she asks him to kiss her on the forehead when she passes on?

Another example of forgiveness goes two ways. Javert, in his relentless pursuit of Valjean, is captured by revolutionaries. In reward for saving the lives of a few of these revolutionaries, Valjean asks for, and gets, permission to take Javert outside, and kill him. Once outside, a small monologue occurs? Valjean just wanted to be left alone in peace, and hoped this act of kindness would change Javert, and make him realize that Valjean was no longer the man he was.

Since Javert had broken the law? This is also another widely used theme in Les Miserables. One such example of this element is with Valjean. He lets Marius and Cosette marry, and for a while, he seems all right with that fact. Later on however, he goes to Marius, and confesses to his past. He tells Marius his whole story, and thinks it best if he never sees Cosette again.

Only at the end, does Marius realize what a good man Valjean is?

  • He ends the novel back as Jean Valjean;
  • Valjean steals a loaf of bread because he has hungry children to feed.

Valjean dies shortly after Marius and Cosette visit him to ask him to come back and live with them. Les Miserables, Theme Forgiveness, Self Sacrifice, and Courage We have so large base of authors that we can prepare a unique summary of any book.

What is the relationship between sacrifice and love in Les Miserables?

How fast would you like to get it? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Another example would be that of Gavroche and his supreme sacrifice.

So Gavroche befriends the revolutionaries. During one of the battles, Gavroche goes out to pick the pockets of the dead soldiers for ammunition. The soldiers fighting the revolutionaries immediately open fire? But, he speaks too soon, and on his way back, he is shot in the back, and dies.

And lastly, we have the sacrifice of Eponine? She is in love with Marius?

Les Miserables, Theme (Forgiveness, Self Sacrifice, and Courage)

She follows him to the barricades, and while there, saves his life. She put her hand in front of a barrel aimed for Marius, and the bullet went through her hand, and into her body. Of course, this act moves Marius greatly.

Eponine admits her love to him, and tells him everything she knows. Before she dies in his arms, she asks him to kiss her on the forehead when she passes on? Marius grants her wish.

  • This is like God is protecting the bishop while he sleeps just with a ray of moonlight;
  • It is also very obvious that this is a safe place, because as Cosette shivers, Fauchelevent comes and offers them a place to stay because it is his garden;
  • Eponine admits her love to him, and tells him everything she knows;
  • Javert, in his relentless pursuit of Valjean, is captured by revolutionaries;
  • This was a very big moment for Jean Valjean and the reader because now Jean Valjean will change and the reader will get to see that throughout the whole book.

The main kind of courage that will be covered is emotional and physical. Normally, this would be hard enough for anyone. Valjean however, has one more problem added to this; he has Cosette with him, and she is still a small child. Once he finally reaches the top, and Cosette joins him, they must jump from roof to roof to reach safety. They finally end up in a Convent, and fortunate for Valjean, it is the one where he knows the Caretaker. So, for the next few years, he and Cosette live in the convent, and have a happy life.

Valjean saves Marius from the barricades. During the end of the battle, Marius is wounded, the barricade is shot to pieces, and the soldiers are moving in to kill anyone who resists. Delirious due to being wounded, Marius begins to think that he should never see Cosette again. Valjean runs over to Marius, and removes him from the area, and escapes with him into the sewers. Need Help With Your Essay?

After walking les miserables theme of love and sacrifice a sewer for the entire day, Valjean and Marius escape? After cutting a deal to get free, Valjean thinks he is in the clear? Valjean showed great courage, and even in the face of extreme danger to himself, he still saved Marius.

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And finally, Valjean lets Marius and Cosette marry. He knows it will mean that he wont see as much of Cosette as he would like, and he would be lonely.

But he also knows it will make her very happy, and in the end, that is all Valjean really wants for her. He does end up dieing because of loneliness in the end, but he dies knowing that he is loved, because Marius and Cosette come to him, and ask him to come back?