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Contribution of print media in growth of society

The role of newspapers Perceptions of the importance of local newspapers The survey indicated that newspapers play a far more complex role in the civic life of communities than many Americans believe. On the surface, most people do not feel that their local newspaper is a key source that they rely on for local information. Younger adults, age 18-29, were especially unconcerned.

The same was true of heavier technology users: Yet when asked about specific local topics and which sources they rely on for that information, it turns out that many adults are quite reliant on newspapers and their websites. Of the 16 specific local topics queried, newspapers ranked as the most, or tied as the most, relied upon source for 11 of the 16.

Role of media in our society

This dependence on newspapers for so many local topics sets it apart from all other sources of local news. The internet, which was cited as the most relied upon source for five of the 16 topics, was a distant second to newspapers in terms of widespread use and value.

  1. While the above point stresses on the negative impact of TV, it also has made some positive impact for the society.
  2. It can aid in promoting the right things at a right point of time, or can make use of any situation to create disturbance around the people or in the society. People may be making quite logical choices in this.
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Thus, overall, the total number of Americans who rely on newspapers for the local information that matters to them is smaller than is the case for other platforms such as television. Thus, while newspapers command this subject area, most people simply do not seek out information about the subject of local taxes.

Part 3: The role of newspapers

People may be making quite logical choices in this. Past PEJ studies have found that local newspapers typically have 70 to 100 stories a day.

Mass Media Plays A Crucial Role In Influencing People’s Mind

The typical half-hour local TV newscast is closer to 15. If television has focused on covering weather, traffic, and breaking news, and that is what people look to this platform for, will television begin to cover taxes and zoning and education if the local newspaper no longer exists? Would new digital sources emerge to cover the hole if a local newspaper cut back its coverage or vanished altogether?

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And would the approach of these new sources be fully journalistic in nature? Newspapers matter less to adults under age 40 as a local information source Generational preferences add yet another layer of complexity. For adults under age 40, newspapers do not hold nearly the same appeal. Consider this stark difference: Yet, among adults under 40 newspapers are the clear top choice for one topic, taxes, are tied with TV news for another topic, crime, and tie with the internet for four other topic areas.

The specifics of these differences are spelled out in Part 5 of this report. For all ages, the strength of newspapers comes from aggregating an audience by offering a wide range of information, even if each subject or story has limited audience.

How people learn about their local community

That model may be vital from a civic standpoint, but it is traditionally expensive and it is not clear what the incentive is to replicate it if newspapers were to disappear.