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Are laws necessary to govern ethical treatment of employees

Existing labor laws were created in response to very serious abuses, so it would appear that they are indeed necessary. These organizations are well-established and recognized, and are not radical like PETA. You'll receive email messages from them informing you of new legislation and how you can help. It's a great way to stay informed and feel like you're making a difference. Why is a government necessary?

A government is the political entity that exercises power in a state. It is the entity whic makes the decisions concerning all aspects of life in a country. Despite of whether the President has powers like in the USA or less powers like in Greece, the government is the body which deals with all the everyday politics and critical decisions. Compare and contrast ethics and law? Ethics are moral principles, and a general sense of what is right.

  1. Someone may take them up or choose not to. These organizations are well-established and recognized, and are not radical like PETA.
  2. To ensure that every citizen can have complete confidence in the integrity of the Federal Government , each employee shall respect and adhere to the principles of ethical conduct set forth in this section, as well as the implementing standards contained in this part and in supplemental agency regulations. This lack of salivary flow contributes to dental cavities.
  3. In other words, academics are engaged in debating for what reasons firing an employee is ethical. For example, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy reports that the idea of "at will" employment is one that is still debated among academics.

Law is encoded by societies worldwide and reflects societal values. The two often intersect, as many laws are founded upon ethicalprinciples. What are the similarities between ethics and law? People are confused that law and ethics are same things but they are different from each other. But they both maintaine moral values and keep preventing voilation. Law are written and aproved documents where as ethics also written words most times but they are not carrying legal status.

Ethics helps a professional, practitioner and expert in following law. In any trade there are code of conduct and law as well and what expert describe that both mend to be obeyed.

But unfortunately nobody following law in true manner. While the LAW is an assumption is often made that what is right is also what is legal and what is legal is also what is right.

What is the difference between ethics and law? Ethics and law help achieve order and discipline.


Laws refer toestablished and written regulations by a governing body whileethics entail the norms set by a culture. What is the difference between law and ethics? A law is something you must obey. Ethics is how society expects you to behave. Is a fluoride treatment necessary for children?

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Yes, I think it is necessisary because it will help develop healthy oral habits and prevent later problems. Who decides which laws are necessary and proper in the US system of government? The US Congress debates and passes the laws, subject to approval bythe President and the judgments of the Supreme Court.

What is the difference law and ethics? In pharmacy there are laws which must followed, for eg - a pharmacist must be on the premises at all times and oversee all medicines being dispensed and sold.

Ethics are the set standards which medical professionals should adhere to. Therefore the law is set to avoid any breach which may result in criminal action being taken, and the ethics are set standards in which the foundation is built. Is a fluoride treatment necessary for adults? Topical fluoride treatment in a dental office is a preventive measure. Fluoride applied to the surface of teeth strengthens the enamel and makes the teeth more resistant to decay.

5 CFR 2635.101 - Basic obligation of public service.

Is this prevention 'necessary? If the person has a history of dental cavities, then yes, use of fluoride would seem prudent and reasonable to prevent or reduce future cavities. On the other hand, if the person has reached adulthood without ever having a cavity, fluoride treatments may have little or no benefit. Another consideration is the person's current health status.

Where can you lobby for the ethical treatment of animals?

If a person is being treated with radiation to treat cancer in the head or neck region, there is a high incidence of increased dental decay because the radiation tends to cause the salivary glands to reduce their output, leading to 'dry mouth'. This lack of salivary flow contributes to dental cavities.

Use of a topical fluoride can minimize this effect to some degree. What are the necessary Treatments for myoma?

A myoma is also known as a fibroid that occurs in the uterus of awoman. It is a benign growth that does not usually requiretreatment unless it causes symptoms such as heavy and prolongedmenstrual periods or pelvic pain. The necessary treatments formyoma, when required, include laser treatment, a myomectomy or ahysterectomy. Compare and contrast ethics and laws?

Roles That Ethics & Laws Play in an Organization

Ethics are just a set of expected codes of behavior in the society. Someone may take them up or choose not to. Laws must however beadhered to and a hefty punishment may follow if some laws arebroken. How are ethic different from the law? Ethically, you shouldn't cheat or lie. But except in certain cases, cheating is not against the law.