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A review of the complicated plot in a tale of two cities

Dickens is also famous for his descriptions, which are cool but he goes on and on. He uses ten words where other people use one. The good news is that his stories are action-filled. This book takes place in 1775 during the French Revolution when people were getting their heads cut off for even the smallest crimes. She has a habit of being overdramatic fainting, cryingwhich was very Victorian the era when the book was written.

She becomes Lucie Darnay after she marries Charles. He is really screwed up from being in jail. This guy was born into the St.

  • Jerry Cruncher gives him the message;
  • Incorporating events of the French Revolution such as the storming of the Bastille, the September massacres and the infamous Revolutionary tribunals that sent thousands to their deaths at the gulliotine, the novel is set against a wide sweep of history that provides the context for the intrigues of his characters.

He and Lucie fall in love and get married. The past catches up with Charles, even though he tries to be moralistic. The Evremondes are French aristocracy sort of like kings and queens. He is a mean dude. Wealthy and rude, he does whatever he wants to get his own way. He is murdered because he runs over a child. She protects Lucie and helps the Darnays. She is a bitter woman. Her whole family died when she was a little kid, and the St. Evermonde family is to blame.

Madame Defarge wants revenge on the upper class.

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She is twisted and sharp. A lawyer who falls in love with Lucie. He is kind of a hero in this book because he ends up getting his head cut off in the name of love. A lawyer who defends Darnay. He likes to drink. He testifies against Darnay.

Jarvis Lorry goes to Paris on a secret mission. Sure enough, in Paris, they find Dr.

  • He is really screwed up from being in jail;
  • After he was released, he later got sympathy from Lucie;
  • Lorry will pick up "someone who has been buried alive for eighteen years;
  • Lucie and her father testify at the trial.

Manette, he works with the Defarges who is fucked in the head since being in prison. All he does is fix shoes. But he agrees to go back to London. In 1780, Charles Darnay is being accused of treason. Lorry, Lucie, and Dr. Marnette have to go to court as witnesses against Darnay they were all traveling in the same carriage in 1775. But Darnay is not convicted because no one can say for sure if it was Darnay that night or not — he looks so much like a lawyer in the courtroom, Sydney Carton.

Carton and Darnay both want Lucie. Things suck in France. Everything is dirty and people are poor. Except the rich people. Evremonde runs over a child and then is murdered in his chateau big, fancy house.

This is a good thing, because the poor people of France are sick and tired of being treated like shit so they revolt and burn the chateau and murder people. Bummer for Lucie and their daughter, who go to Paris with Dr. Manette to try and help. After a while, Dr. Manette speaks on behalf of Darnay, and since Dr. Darnay is sentenced to death.

A Tale of Two Cities review – roll on the revolution…

So he arranges to swap places with Darnay — they look alike, remember!? Darnay, Lucie, their daughter and Dr. Manette go to London. Carton gets his head cut off by the guillotine head cutting off machine. Why did Carton agree to this plan? Pure, honest love for Lucie. The famous opening line "It was the best of timesit was the worst of times…" — the rich people had a great time drinking, hooking up all over the place, not thinking about anything — just like senior spring of high school!

France and England both are sucky places to be. France is filled with revolutionary terror and England is violent. Manette, who was in jail. Jerry Cruncher gives him the message. Miss Pross helps her.

  1. This book isnt about plot, its about charcters and relationships. Stay up to date on new reviews.
  2. With all loose ends solved, Dickens can allow Lucie and Darnay to return to Paris and live in peace and happiness. Readers may very well lose interest and abandon all hope of A Tale of Two Cities because of the storyline.
  3. When reading a classic, don't put unneeded pressure on yourself; pace your reading.

When a big container of wine breaks open on the street, people are psyched and drink it with their hands. One guy writes the word "blood" with the red wine. This tells you how angry everyone was. Lorry and Lucie find Dr. Madame Defarge knits all day. Ernest Defarge feels bad that Dr.

A Tale of Two Cities

Manette was in prison. When Lucie sees her father she almost faints again. But when he sees Lucie he suddenly remembers. Manette get ready to go to London. It is unclear if Dr. Manette will be okay. Jerry Cruncher hits his wife in the head with his shoe because he thinks her prayers are against him.

Jerry and his son go out. The punishment for treason is "quartering" — they pull all four limbs apart until the person rips. Charles Darnay is the accused guy. Lorry is at the Old Bailey with Lucie and Dr. Manette as witnesses since they saw Darnay when they were traveling to rescue Dr.

No one really can tell if it was Darnay who was in France or not. When people notice that he looks just like one of the lawyers there, Sydney Carton, Darnay is free. Lucie almost faints again. Darnay falls in love with Lucie. Sydney Carton and Darnay go for a drink. Darnay feels weird being with a guy that looks so much like him but acts like such a drunk loser.

When Carton gets wasted, Darnay feels good about himself. Darnay leaves Carton, drunk, alone, and falling asleep with a candle dripping on him. Carton and Stryver like to drink. Stryver just grooves on it but Carton drinks because he feels lame. He asks Miss Pross how Dr. She says he goes up and down. Miss Pross is kind-of manly and is jealous of a review of the complicated plot in a tale of two cities guys who lust after Lucie. Sydney Carton stops by. While seeing Monseigneur a powerful rich dude the Marquis St.

Evremonde is dissed, so he hopes the Monseigneur goes to hell. Evremonde is a cold bastard. Evremonde tells the poor people who see him run over the kid that they should take better care of their children and throws a couple of coins at them. Defarge is one of the people there.

Defarge throws the coin back at the Marquis. Evremonde goes home to his chateau fancy big house to wait for his nephew. Darnay and the Marquis St. Darnay thinks the way the rich behave in France sucks. The Marquis is murdered that night by angry villagers.