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  1. In addition to the above clinical signs, other secondary features might be seen antepartum if eventually imaging techniques such as X-ray radiography are used.
  2. Why can't more American women access medications for preterm birth?
  3. In the Cardiff method, you count 10 movements and record how much time it takes for you to reach 10.
  4. Yet many pregnancy guides do not give enough information about stillbirth, in the belief that women do not want to be frightened about pregnancy loss. Imaging can be technically difficult, particularly in the presence of maternal obesity, abdominal scars and oligohydramnios, but views can often be improved with new generation US or with color Doppler of the fetal heart and umbilical cord.

Many pregnancy guides do not give enough information about stillbirth, to avoid frightening women Any decrease in fetal movement should prompt a call to your health care provider CNN Canada's Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day on Oct.

Many of these are early miscarriages.

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But in Canada about one in 125 pregnancies end in a stillbirth -- that is, the death of a fetus in utero after 20 weeks gestation. Countries such as Korea and Finland have much lower rates of stillbirth, so we know that there is more we can do to prevent it. There is research on the risk factors that increase the chances of a stillbirth. Yet many pregnancy guides do not give enough information about stillbirth, in the belief that women do not want to be frightened about pregnancy loss.

Science backs up these pregnancy superstitions Information about how to prevent stillbirth needs to get into the hands of women who need it, even if it leads to an uncomfortable conversation.

As a medical librarian, my job is to connect people to trusted information about their health. When dealing with a taboo topic, such as stillbirth, this is even more challenging as both health care providers and women might be afraid of increasing anxiety, rather than improving health. Why can't more American women access medications for preterm birth?

We also want to ensure that women who have had a stillbirth in the past and may have slept on their back do not feel guilt over doing so.

  1. In general, stillbirths are classified according to the gestational age, and are typically divided into early stillbirths from 20 to 28 weeks gestation and late stillbirths after 28 weeks gestation.
  2. Other methods include measurement of fundal height, biometric parameters of the fetus which can be determined antepartum by US or by other less accurate measurement methods post-partum, such as fetal crown-to-heel length or foot length [100] , [101] , or the direct observation of the fetal maturation, if no measurement methods are available.
  3. There are many known epidemiological risk factors for stillbirth. Other less specific terms are sometimes used as well.
  4. Multiple general medical, pediatric, obstetrics and infectious disease text books were also searched.

I know, because I myself have had a stillbirth. With the passage of time, I cannot honestly answer how I might have slept that night when my twins died, but it is still something that worries me.

Read More While some risk factors are not things most pregnant women can change, there are two very simple things women can do, to lower the odds. Count the kicks Pregnancy almost killed her. Should she try again? There are two methods described in the medical literature about how to count your baby's kicks: In the Cardiff method, you count 10 movements and record how much time it takes for you to reach 10.

In the Sadovsky method, you are asked to count how many movements you feel within a specific time frame, usually 30 minutes to two hours.

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In either case, the most important consideration is that you should be aware of your baby's normal movements. Any decrease in fetal movement should prompt a phone call or visit to your health care provider immediately.

We don't shame people for seeking medical advice when they have chest pains. Reduced fetal movements are similar to chest pains — a warning sign that something could be wrong.

  • Moreover, nulliparous women have a higher risk of stillbirth than multiparous women across all ages;
  • Globally, black women have 2;
  • Guidelines for data collection, analysis and presentation of stillbirth It was the consensus of the Brighton Collaboration Stillbirth Working Group to recommend the following guidelines to enable meaningful and standardized collection, analysis, and presentation of information about stillbirth;
  • Auscultation of fetal heart tones or misinterpreted experiences of fetal movements can also give false reassurance [54] ; maternal pelvic blood flow can result in an apparently normal, but low, fetal heart rate pattern with handheld Doppler.

See your doctor or midwife and don't delay or feel guilty for taking up their time! Don't sleep on your back At last month's International Stillbirth Alliance conferenceseveral researchers presented information to show that back sleeping increased the risk of stillbirth.

In the first studyresearchers in New Zealand put 10 pregnant women who were otherwise healthy into MRI scanners, to see if they could see changes in blood flow when they were lying on their backs or on their left side.

Two simple ways to lower odds of stillbirth

They found that cardiac output how efficiently the heart pumps blood was the same in both positions. Overweight pregnancy increases risk of birth defects, study says However the blood flow and diameter of the inferior vena cava were reduced when lying on their backs. This affects how blood flows back to the heart from the body. The researchers speculate that this might contribute to stillbirths in some instances.

The second studyalso from New Zealand, placed 30 pregnant women in a sleep lab. They monitored their breathing and position throughout the night to see if there was a relationship between lying on their backs and measured breathing.

While none of the women met the criteria for sleep apnea, they didn't breathe in as deeply when they were lying on their backs. What marsupials taught us about embryo implantation could help women using IVF Lastly, researchers in the UK interviewed over 1000 women about their sleep practices before pregnancy, during pregnancy and the night before their stillbirth for those who had suffered one or the interview for women who had not suffered one.

The women who had gone to sleep on their backs while pregnant were twice as likely to have had a stillbirth then women who had gone to sleep on their left side. All of this was a follow up to earlier research which had proposed the same hypothesis, that sleeping on your back increased the risk. Women need accurate health information Delivering timely information to prevent stillbirth is important, and withholding information out of a fear you'll frighten women is patronising at best and potentially dangerous at worst.

What's more, withholding information does little in an era where most people can get online and are not always equipped to evaluate what information is useful and how to put it into context. Health care providers can do more to partner with librarians on delivering evidence-based information to their patients. This is certainly true with information about pregnancy, but also in many areas of health where the information that needs to be delivered is complex, and requires more time to be evaluated than is available to most doctors.

Six common questions about eating carbs during pregnancy, answered Women deserve better communication about their health and the health of their babies when pregnant.

  • The most commonly quoted causes in the literature are as follows;
  • It is estimated that in developing countries asphyxia causes around seven deaths per 1000 births, whereas in developed countries this proportion is less than one death per 1000 births 5, 20;
  • In the setting where access to a specialist is not feasible, diagnosis by a health care provider trained or experienced to make the diagnosis is acceptable e;
  • Gestational age is expressed in weeks;
  • Additional findings that might be helpful to differentiate between Antepartum and Intrapartum Stillbirth at the time of delivery:

While counting kicks and sleeping on your left side aren't a guarantee that you'll have a safe and healthy pregnancy, they are easy, low cost ways to reduce the risk. Amanda Ross-White is health sciences librarian and nursing and information scientist at Queen's University in Ontario and the author of "Joy at the End of the Rainbow: A Guide to Pregnancy After a Loss.