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No speak english story by sandra cisneros mamacita

Many people struggle while trying to represent themselves and the cultures they are connected to.

  • He came home late and he left early;
  • She is a huge woman, and when she emerges from the taxi for the first time she looks like an enormous flower;
  • All in all, Sandra Cisneros expresses the helplessness and loneliness from shallow to deep, step by step, from she listens to the Spanish radio, to her husband disgusts about her, until her baby boy exposures to English as his first language;
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Vignettes are a good way to do so. As a brief descriptive writing piece, a vignette is a slice of life, a photograph full of sensory details, about a specific event, place, person, or object. In No Speak English from the novella The House on Mango Street, Mamacita feels disconnected from the environment she lives in because she is isolated from English speaking society.

The use of foreign language can emphasize the discrimination between people; mother language can affect how people express themselves; and vignettes are an effective way of combining and expressing all the cultures each of us are connected to as a whole. Firstly, in No Speak English, Cisneros uses foreign language to highlight cultural discrepancy between Mamacita and the public, and uses numerous forms of figurative language such as similes and symbols to enhance how lonely Mamacita feels in a foreign setting.

Analysis on “No Speak English”

Mamacita, who does not belong, every once in a while lets out a cry, hysterical, high, as if he had torn the only skinny thread that kept her alive, the only road out to that country. Furthermore, mother language can affect how people express themselves in an unfamiliar environment.

Chinese, Thai, and English. In the text, Cisneros illustrates: In Heart, Hands, Head, Minfung Ho uses metaphors, symbols, and sensory details to illustrate how he feels the obligation to communicate through all of the diverse cultures he is connected to.


Additionally, No Speak English can effectively show how these different values cause discrimination between people, because as readers, we can infer that Mamacita is afraid to cross the borders into the unknown. While different cultural values cause discrimination between people, vignettes are forms of self-representation, which can help us express ourselves through all of these cultures, and at the same time develop our writing ability.

No speak english story by sandra cisneros mamacita

For first draft Clarify: Where is your scope? Your topic sentences and supporting quotes are excellent Concern: Make sure your thesis, scope, and topic sentences align. I used a thesaurus to add sophistication to my analysis and chose good quotes to support my points.

I had a clear outline and flowed up on it just fine. The only issue for me was the word count; I exceeded it a little.