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Crime and punishment in rime of the ancient mariner

Explain the crime and punishment in the poem The Ancient mariner Share with your friends Hi, Killing the innocent albatross was the crime done by the ancient mariner.

  • It falls into seven sections, each telling of a new stage in the process;
  • Much of the poem is subsequently devoted to detailing the terrible and supernatural ordeals experienced by the men, until the mariner is left to suffer alone, filled with bitterness and hatred;
  • Even in the course of his questioning what religion was correct, Coleridge never seems to have just denied the existence of God.

All the mariners suffered in various ways like getting stuck in the mtddle of the ocean, running out of water store, dieing because of thirst, crawling of slimy tiny creatures all over the body. And the dead body of the albatross was hung on the neck of theancient mariner as his punishment. A English 3rd Semester 0333-3431604 Ancient Mariner Tale of crime and Punishment The idea of people making wrong mistake or actions and having to pay for them afterwards is not now.

Luckily they have the power to repent and do penance to receive God forgiveness; God sends people this power and people around the world manic this cycle of crime, punishment, repentance, and reconciliation in court systems and other penal codes. Gone through the Rime of Ancient Mariner provides us with such material as to have us justify the above statement that the Ancient Mariner is much more than a story of crime and punishment.

How is the rime of the ancient mariner a story of crime and punishment? Explain

It is not wrong or erroneous to endorse that the ballads, is basically, the handling of the theme of crime and punishment; it is the plot-structure of the ballad. There are other matters which move arm in arm with it; mention must necessarily be made of those themes to apprehend the justification.

In the story the mariner betrays with nature by shooting the Albatross. The Albatross as a repetitive nature means nothing to the Ahmed Shigri M.

A English 3rd Semester 0333-3431604 mariner.

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Nature is the force in this poem that this power to decide what is right or wrongs and how to deal with the action. The mariner reconciles his sins when he realizes what nature really is and what means to him is. The mariner to find his salvation when he begins to look on the slimy things as creature of strange beauty, he understands the Albatross is a symbol of nature and he realizes what he had done crime and punishment in rime of the ancient mariner.

The mariner is forgiven after sufficient penance. The bird which is hung around his necks, the change from punishment to penance. A English 3rd Semester 0333-3431604 For the mariner to repent for his actionhe must endure his penance. The mariners penance includes having his soul in agony soon afterwards. After attempt at prayer and realization of what he has done he looked to heaven and tried t pray his penance t forgiveness begins. He must endure all of his friends being dead, and solitude on a boat that goes no whence.

Fore his long-term penance he is doomed for the rest of his life to seek out contain people to tell his tale because often his soul tortures him until does so, his penance is to be messenger for the rest of his life that tell people, who need to know his story to teach them the cycle he personally bears. Penance is a natural things whether it is self inflicted or given and must be one so, once heart can be free of guilt.

Crime and punishment, repentance, and reconciliation is evident in many things around the world. They are active part in society, and they decide the fate of many people.

  1. Hillier wrote an article of the sin and atonement and crime and punishment aspects of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Prosperous start from port.
  2. The mariner to find his salvation when he begins to look on the slimy things as creature of strange beauty, he understands the Albatross is a symbol of nature and he realizes what he had done wrong.
  3. Sitterson explains in detail the method behind his views of the poem through psychoanalysis, as well as providing reasons that critics would look at it in other ways than as a giant dream. The first primary theme concerns the potential consequences of a single unthinking act.
  4. Prosperous start from port.
  5. The following outline, for instance, can be worked out, day by day, by a reader.

Some do not accept their penance and are condemned. Other recognize what they have done wrong and do as much as they can to fix it. The mariner accepts his punishment and lives on with only the slight burden of telling a story rather then facing death. If people will realize this wrong and try to correct them like the mariner, life will be more peaceful and many will have a higher quality of life.

The Mariner cannot pray until he blesses the vile creatures unaware. The Rim of the Ancient Mariner tells us the story of an old mariner who is tortured by nature after he pointlessly kills an Albatross.