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A review of jim murphys the great fire


  • GSoto95 Apr 15, 2015 The author approached this story from a chronological, rather than a thematic, point of view;
  • Showing 1-5 of 33 next show all Newberry honor book, The Great Fire is a useful place to start this journey through Chicago in the late 1800's;
  • It was very engaging, with pictures and a story that was easy enough to follow, but also very interesting that made me want to keep reading;
  • The great fire by jim murphy provides the text for a students research the great chicago fire and its myths on students review what they currently;
  • Huck finn, cruelly abused by his drunken father, joins up with jim, a runaway slave, and heads down the mississippi river on a raft along the way, they encounter a deadly feud, a pair of con artists, and other characters from the pre-civil war south;
  • A review of jim murphys the great fire About jim murphy: