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A look at the homicide in washington dc

But recently Instagram has moved from just a platform to share your life on to a new form of business. Social media itself is an incredible place to promote your business but Instagram is now becoming it's own business where you can call yourself a successful 'Instagram influencer' if you put in the work. It definitely isn't an easy job by any means, but these DC babes know that hard work pays off and they're already killing it! Monling has a seriously stunning account that focuses on all things colours.

She makes sure her pictures are always centred around displaying the colours around her while also highlighting her amazing fashion sense. Fashion Why She's Killing It: Sara is seriously the definition of a girl boss.

D.C.'s homicide count falls in 2016; mayor touts anti-crime initiatives

She has her MBA, an entrepreneur and a gorgeous style sense. Her Instagram flawlessly incorporates her beautiful family while continuing the theme of fashion throughout.

Foodie Why She's Killing It: If you're looking for some food inspiration in any of these cities, this account is definitely one to follow. Cathy's Instagram account is super aesthetically pleasing to peruse. She posts all kinds of fashion and beauty tips both on her Instagram and her personal blog.

The Catherine Fuller case: eight young men and the murder that sent them away for life

Photography Why She's Killing It: If you're looking for an account that will make you truly appreciate the beauty of DC, this is definitely it. She takes stunning pictures of the DC area that will definitely blow you away. Beauty Why She's Killing It: Claire is incredibly knowledgable on all things beauty and you can clearly see that on her Instagram account. She also runs a successful YouTube account where she posts full tutorials on how to recreate her looks.

Fitness Why She's Killing It: You can clearly see that Deanna is super fit and always kills it in a look at the homicide in washington dc gym. Her Instagram account will definitely get you motivated to work out since she's a certified personal trainer and holistic nutrition practitioner! If you take a look at Meg's account it's seriously a work of art in itself.

She's an artist and a content creator who's account focuses on fashion, beauty and fun lifestyle posts about her life around DC. Aida posts some seriously stunning pictures of her homemade, Persian food that is guaranteed to make you hungry instantly.

She has some real talent when it comes to food photography as well as lifestyle pictures. Her account is all about living life to the fullest and it's really enjoyable to peruse and admire! Fitness Why He's Killing It: Christie is a professional dancer for the Washington Wizards basketball team. She's also a choreographer for a dance school and has a serious killer Instagram page! This account is dedicated to all things food in Georgetown. She's recovering from anorexia and posts really inspiring photos showing her journey with food and becoming healthy again.

Meng is a fitness and yoga instructor and her account is dedicated to all things yoga and wellness. She posts tons of healthy meals, yoga moves and some travel pictures as well.

Desiree runs a stunning Instagram account that you definitely need to check out. She posts about all things fashion and beauty and you can clearly tell that she knows how to model as well. Victoria is a spinning instructor at Soul Cycle and she's clearly incredibly fit. She posts tons of lifestyle pictures that showcasing her fun-loving life as well as inspiration fitness pictures!

Meaghan has a super pretty Instagram account that is definitely worth the follow. She focuses on her style blogging both on her Instagram account and personal blog in her spare time and she's clearly killing it. Vy is running a super cute Instagram account that's definitely worth the follow.

These babes are Insta goals!

She focuses on fashion mostly but she also posts some beauty and lifestyle pics that are super enjoyable to peruse! Saumya's Instagram account is super colourful and fun making it really enjoyable to look through! She focuses on posting mostly fashion and beauty pictures with a little bit of lifestyle thrown in there for good measure. If you've been looking for some inspiration to get your butt to the gym, this account is definitely it!

Dani's account doesn't look like you're usual fashion blogger, in the best way. Her pictures are all super unique, highlighting both her fashion sense and her creative photography abilities.

She's also a big advocate for body positivity on her page which is seriously inspirational! Holly runs a gorgeous Instagram account dedicated to taking pictures of all the best spots around the city of DC.


She's also the founder of igdc which is an Instagram account that features DC people, arranges meet-ups around the city and even fun events too! Dionna runs a really pretty Instagram account that focuses on her exciting travels and her stylish fashion sense.

She runs her own personal blog as well where she posts all about beauty and skincare as well as fashion! Roxanne has a super cute Instagram account that focuses on all things fashion. Her outfits are always cute but they're also simple to recreate which is great for a fashion blogger!

Pamela is killing the fitness game in DC right now. She's a Solid Core coach as well as a Zengo Cycle instructor that clearly knows the rewards of hard work. Her page will definitely get you motivated to hit up your favourite fitness class ASAP. Jen has a stunning photography account that highlights a unique point of view all over Washington, DC.

You wouldn't be able to even tell by looking at her gorgeous photos but they're all taken with an iPhone! She clearly has some real talent.

Ashley has a gorgeous page that highlights her simple yet stylish fashion sense. She founded her own clothing line which is pretty amazing as well! Alexandra is running a gorgeous lifestyle and foodie blog that seamlessly fit into one. She's a nutritionist that creates delicious looking healthy recipes that she features on her account and you can find the full recipes and how to recreate it on her blog! Courtney runs a pure and simple fashion account that doesn't stray from her theme at all.

She has amazing style sense and she really shows it off on her account. She also has her own personal blog where she talks about her pieces and where to buy some of them yourself.

Christa used to be a cheerleader for the NFL and now she's teaching killer workout classes for Barry's Bootcamp.

  1. October 2, 2002 - A shot is fired through a window at a Michael's crafts store in Aspen Hill, Maryland, but no one is hit.
  2. She focuses on fashion mostly but she also posts some beauty and lifestyle pics that are super enjoyable to peruse! Courtney runs a pure and simple fashion account that doesn't stray from her theme at all.
  3. She is released from a Fairfax hospital on Monday, October 14.

She also has a YouTube channel where she posts workout videos. My passions include eating pasta for every meal, squealing at every pug I see on the street, taking naps in hammocks, and rewatching episodes of Friends on Netflix.

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  1. You do the same.
  2. A witness reports seeing a white van or truck speed from the post office parking lot immediately after the shooting. There is circumstantial but not ballistic evidence.
  3. October 3, 2002 - In the only killing in Washington and the first one to occur at night, Pascal Charlot, 72, is shot in the chest as he walks along Georgia Avenue. Malvo remains in prison as his Virginia convictions still stand, as well as his previous sentences from Maryland.