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To kill a mockingbird theme essay racism

  1. But moving on to the 20th century, segregation and racism still ran rapid in America.
  2. Courage shown by the aforementioned characters are contrasted and compared with the lack of education, fear and the prejudice of most of the Maycomb population. Education is one of the key factors that enlightens people, gives exposure to different views, and teaches the wide American population that they have so much in common.
  3. After Lincoln's 1862 Emancipation Proclamation and more so the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, slavery was abolished.
  4. Many characters in the story are treated unfairly in society due to racial or prejudicial attitudes. The citizens of Maycomb were caught up in a cycle of racial discrimination, proving that racism does not benefit anyone.

During this time in history racism was acceptable. Racism is a key theme in her book. Atticus, a lawyer, who defended blacks in court, was mocked. An example of this is when Mrs.

Racism in “To kill a mockingbird” Essay

Dolphus Raymond was also criticized for affiliating with blacks, especially black females. Blacks, because they were considered inferior, were expected to do everything for whites. Everything had to be perfect, without excuse. Even when Calpurnia, a Finch family friend, did not make the perfect cup of coffee, she was mocked.

Even when blacks did do good, they were still mocked. We decided that it would be best for you to have some feminine influence. In the book, it was obvious that Bob Ewell was a mean man.

  • Their view of events and relationships in the book was a strong contrast to the negative characters of white racists who wanted to take justice in their hands and execute Tom Robinson;
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  • Such characteristics served to justify the verdict of the trial;
  • Ignorance can cost people their lives, ruin their families, and bring separations to those who should be united.

It was also obvious that he was abusive to his daughter, Mayella, and he was the one who violated her, not Tom Robinson, because what the evidence showed. But, the people of Maycomb over-looked the evidence in favor of Tom Robinson, just because he was black.

The legal barriers to racial equality have been torn down, and racial exclusion from the benefits of society and the rights of citizenship is no longer nearly total, as it once was. But discrimination still limits the opportunities and stifles the hopes of many black Americans and other minorities.

The Theme Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

But tragically, the most successful civil rights remedies have come under attack from conservative politicians and pundits. Affirmative action, for example, which is to be credited with the creation of an increasingly diverse workforce, has come under intense criticism.

Voting rights laws, which have begun to integrate the halls of Congress and state legislatures, are also under attack. As long as our society is ridden with race-based problems, we will need race-based remedies.

And while we have come a long way, we still have a long way to go.