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Romantic movement eugene delacroix english literature essay

If one intends something other than cameos, color is, strictly speaking, one of the founding principles of painting, no less so than chiaroscuro, proportion and perspective.

  • Romanticism eugene delacroix art romanticism was a movement that what is the romanticism and how does it affect the american literature the;
  • In conclusion, it is undeniable the importance of the role that Eugene Delicacies had played in the Romantic Movement.

Color gives the appearance of life. Like many artists, Delacroix could not escape the influence of Michelangelo. Delacroix intensely studied his modeling of figures and the life or death he brought to the canvas.

Romantic movement eugene delacroix english literature essay

During the latter part of his life, Delacroix was commissioned to paint several murals on the ceilings and walls of government buildings. The intensity of his work, the violence, tragedy and sadness is said to have rivaled that of his role model.


Delacroix also tried to exemplify the work of another master, Peter Paul Rubens. He was deeply affected by Rubens' treatment of color, and his influence is obvious in Delacroix's canvases. Delacroix also drew significant inspiration from literature and authors such as Dante Alighieri Dante and Virgil in Hell and William Shakespeare.


Romantic poet, Lord Byron, also proved to be a key motivator in Delacroix's work. Delacroix developed a fascination with the work of English painters early on in his career.

Romantic movement eugene delacroix english literature essay

He admired the work of John Constable, a landscapist, after viewing his exhibition in Paris in 1824. The luminous tonalities of Massacre at Chios can be traced back to Constable.

Romanticism and Delacroix Essay

Delacroix shared a studio in Paris with English painter Richard Bonington and was greatly influenced by his use of watercolors. Though Bonington died shortly after this aged just 26 Delacroix's admiration for the English art continued and drove him to visit London in 1825.

  1. Initially attracted to the Enlightenment precepts of universal equality and the dissolution of absolute monarchy in favor of democratic government, many authors of the Romantic period, such as William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Robert Southey, sympathized with the French Revolution.
  2. In one of the earliest critical surveys, C.
  3. Select Bibliography Dyer, Gary. What english romantic painter was the most name the romantic literary and philosophical movement in the united in eugene delacroix' liberty leading.
  4. The very people who believe that everything has already been discovered and everything said, will greet your work as something new, and will close the door behind you, repeating once more that nothing remains to be said … Newness is in the mind of the artist who creates, and not in the object he portrays. Later in his life, Delicacies received many commissions from government in Paris.
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Legendary English landscapists J. Turner had an effect on Delacroix through his bright watercolors and energetically colored canvases. His trip abroad helped develop his technical skills and deepened his cultural education.

  • One artist during the romantic movement was eugene delacroix, a man who chose to go against the norm of the french artistic society and pain;
  • Romanticism and classicism are two different styles of art of the eighteenth and the romantic movement favors ferdinand victor eugene delacroix;
  • Turner had an effect on Delacroix through his bright watercolors and energetically colored canvases.

Sir Thomas Lawrence, a gifted portrait artist, also influenced the young artist. He was refreshed by a culture that was so vastly different to the French: Delacroix used Arab subjects in his work for the remainder of his life.

The music of Romantic composer Chopin is also said to have inspired Delacroix. He developed a friendship with the talented Polish composer and even painted his portrait.