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Movie one flew over the cuckoos nest essay

It was written in 1959 and published in 1963 Wikipedia, 2014. The idea of the book has come to Kesey during his work in a hospital for veterans where he voluntarily participated in governmental experiments on the effects on the body of LSD, mescaline and other drugs, and being under the influence of those drugs he often spent time chatting with patients.

As it was said, the action of the novel takes place in a psychiatric hospital, and the main character is a criminal who has chosen it as an alternative to prison. The mental patients, all male, are divided into Acutes, who can be cured, and Chronics, who cannot be cured SparkNotes Editors, 2003. They all are ruled by a cruel nurse who always tries to attack them in their most vulnerable places. But would this novel become so popular if its plot was so simple?

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The novel has an implication, with hidden elements which the reader must find himself. Their sickness was just in the fact that they simply could not adjust to life.

  1. Therefore the battle between these two groups is representative of not only the good and evil that exists between human beings, but within them.
  2. I have tried many times, and failed, to explain in a coherent manner why it is that I love films.
  3. The manner in which the inmates are treated is shameful, yet it mirrors the way in which many less fortunate members of society are treated. What is he thinking?
  4. When the binge ends, the wreckage of the party is noticeable leading to heavy reprimand by Ratched principally directed at Billy.

Their society rejected them because they did not fit into the generally accepted framework of how people should behave. This is a story about people who at first glance seem to be insane and sick, but actually they are healthier, including the mental aspect, than the society around them. These people are broken by this society and are afraid of everything.

He is not insane. He is just a prisoner. But his aim is to show us how the actions of one man, his choice, are able to change something in the others because those others are the same normal as he is and because only a sane man would act against an irrational system. In this novel an insane asylum is shown by the author as a mini-model of a modern society. Society is different, but its inhabitants are obliged to submit to their leadership as if they behave in another way they can be interpreted an insane.

We see that throughout the novel, the sane actions of men contrast with the insane actions of the medical institution.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Essay Sample

All of them have a choice either to submit or to fight. What the result of such battle will be no one can predict. And the sane fight with the insane system, will inevitably compromise your sanity.

The main character of the novel tried to fight, tried to change this system and the people in it. To some extent, he lost. But his victory was in the fact that nothing would be the same as it was before, that people around are made to question whether everything is so as we see it or we must look at simple things in a more profound way.

  1. The Chief, a tall and strong Native American who pretends to be mute and deaf in order to protect himself from pain. This school of thought suggests that only observable behaviours should be studied, since internal states such as cognitions, emotions and moods are too subjective.
  2. Like McMurphy, it sticks out because of its incongruity and, also like the main character, is too small a force, no matter how powerful, to leave its mark on the establishment. But his aim is to show us how the actions of one man, his choice, are able to change something in the others because those others are the same normal as he is and because only a sane man would act against an irrational system.
  3. The attitudes from both medical and societal populations depicted in the film presented two distinctive sides. Conditioning occurs through interaction with the environment and Behaviourists believe that our responses to environmental stimuli shapes our behaviours.

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