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Causes of the civil war essay outline

Three main reasons were moral, economic and political. These reasons were the main causes of the bloodshed in America. Two divisions of the country had different moral views. The main moral difference was towards slavery. The northern states opposed slavery while the southern states supported it.

13. Causes of the Civil War

Many people say slavery was the main issue that caused the war. The moral issues caused the country to be divided, brought the impending war ever closer. Economic issues brought the war closer, this caused the South to secession. The United States placed tariffs on imported goods. The tariffs brought wealth to all s the North but poverty to the South. The South relied on imports and the tariffs cost them dearly.

American Civil War

This caused the South to pay heavily for the things it needed to survive. The tariff made the South think that war would bring a solution to the economic poverty. Another reason that brought war involved political interests. The House of Representatives and the Senate were very crucial supporting political interests.

If the North gained control they could use their pull to get people to oppose slavery. If the South had control it could make people believe that slavery was acceptable and that it is perfectly expectable. The Missouri Compromise was a way to bring equality to the nation.

This equality did not last, however.

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All of the reasons listed above and more, throw America into its first Civil War. All the men, who died on the battlefield, believed on their cause so much that they gave their it. The men who stained the nation with their blood fought the war for their own reason, but they wanted to make the beliefs known.