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Attitudes towards war in a farewell to arms by ernest hemingway essay

It was not his first book, but that was the one, which made him famous. It was a little bit more than ten years after the World War I, described by Hemingway in this book.

I believe, the novel gained its popularity, because it was a true story about the war, which took millions of human lives away. Still what is the book about? A young American goes to the front in Italy, which declared a war to Austria in 1915.

The country was not ready for the war with such a strong adversary as Austria; its army was as weak and incapable to fight, as it had been fifty years before during the war for the reunification of Italy. That time in 1866 Italy won the war only thanks to the Prussian victories, this time the front was also held mainly owing to the French and British troops and Russian offensives in the Western Ukraine.

So Frederic Henry, the protagonist of this novel, experienced that war in the Italian Campaign. Although he was only expected to drive wounded soldiers from the battle field to the hospital, he saw the war horrors just there and was even wounded.

Before the warfare Henry had met Catherine Barkly, an Englishwoman, who worked in the hospital.

  • Their occasional meeting transformed itself later into a real love;
  • So the romantically begun love finished tragically;
  • Eventually everyone must return to the plains.

Their occasional meeting transformed itself later into a real love. Their love was romantic initially. They managed to negotiate numerous obstacles on their way. Numerous, but not all of them.

Critical Evaluation

Catherine failed to give birth to their baby. So the romantically begun love finished tragically. A love story, but without any traditional happy end. Ernest Hemingway was a prototype for the main character of the novel. He took part in that war and just in the Italian Campaign.

And, of course, as an intelligent man he was against it. He only described it, he described the war impartially, as it was in fact, not adding any superfluous details. In his book we shall not find any antiwar plots, demonstrations of pacifism.

We find real live people, who try to avoid the war perils, to survive, to get as far from the death as possible. The author expresses his attitude to the war in the remarks of his characters. A soldier with the rupture says: Before the attack Henry talks with his colleagues and one of them speaks about the decimation. After the story about the decimation Henry says: He operated many wounded soldiers, and he knew quite well, what the war meant.

But the most abominable scene took place later after the retreatment of the Italian Army.

The Army was not ready for any big warfare, and the Austrians took advantage of it. They started attack, which made Italians retreat in order to save their lives. That retreat was like a huge flood of people, who walked along the road from the front trying to find refuge somewhere as far from the front as possible. Carabinieri arrested the officers, who were not with the soldiers of their units, and shot them after formal questioning.

Human life of their compatriots meant nothing, they just did their duty. All this makes readers disgust the war, hate it and realize, that new generation should do all their best to make any war impossible, to eliminate it as a way of resolving problems.

A Farewell to Arms Review Sample

So the book was reedited several times. In that short preface he wrote not only the history of the novel, but he expressed his own opinion about any war in such phrases: I believe that all the people who stand to profit by a war and who help provoke it should be shot on the first day it starts by accreditor representatives of the loyal citizens of their country who will fight it.

There were, and there are many different points of view on this novel. Not all of them are benevolent; some literary critics called the book a plain love story, which took place in the war time. There is no use to argue with them. Every reader may have his own opinion. This A Farewell to Arms review is presented only for viewing.

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