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Travails of a training manager case study

Systems was a ten-year old unit employing 300 people. It had a turnover of Rs. The landed cost of its imports was about Rs.

Travails Of A Sales Manager

The products had an assured demand in the country, with smuggled goods from Taiwan and Korea providing whatever little competition there was. Early during the current financial year, the Government of India had announced, as a part of its economic liberalization strategy, several policy measures which made imports costlier. With little export income in its account, Systems had no choice but to discontinue importing SKD kits. The company management had three option before it.

We have to change too. And that is where you come in.

Travails of a Training Manager

I have had no belief in non-technical training. In fact, have found no need so far for a training manager at Systems. But I am prepared to do anything to get more sales. But he decided to let it pass. Deciding to start with the salesman first, he met the sales manager to ask him to depute 10 salesmen for a training session the next day. The session was a disaster.

Travails of a training manager case study

No one showed any interest in the proceedings. Take the client for a drink and you get the sale. It is as simple as that. It has worked in the past and it will work in the future. The attendance for the second day session was thin. This lack of interest was again obvious at the session for workers next day. The works manager who had originally agreed to the idea was vague about the absence of so many workers at the training session.

Kumar had encountered such resistance in the company where he had worked earlier. He also knew that his training capsule was very effective. He was aware that training needs were universal for all companies and so were the training techniques which were also easily transferable from one set of working conditions to another and from one industry to another. He also knew that he had the aptitude and interest to become a professional trainer.

But Kumar began to realize that he had made a few tactical errors in his particular case. He should have perhaps asked Shroff to personally inaugurate the training session to give the whole exercise an air of formality and, more importantly, of travails of a training manager case study.

He should have perhaps started with the module for senior executives first. There is simply no way I am going to accept failure. Whatever damage there has been must be undone. Does anybody have a valid answer?

Please do let me know. It is 1 of the case studies in K Ashwatappa's HR book. But im not able to find it. Do help me out pls. Especially the highlighted part.