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The u s constitution rapps in the

Similar presentations More Presentation on theme: Why was the Bill of Rights added to the U. In several states, ratification approval for the Constitution was only.

The u s constitution rapps in the

In several states, ratification approval for the Constitution was only obtained when Federalist supporters promised to add a Bill of Rights to guarantee individual rights. Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights. James Madison wrote the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights, protect U.

Constitution of the United States of America

A list of ten rights were written and were sent to Congress and the states for approval. Congress approved the amendments —Next: Bill of Rights went into effect in 1791.

Government cannot establish a religion of the U. Supreme Court has ruled: There can be no religious activities, such as prayers, in public schools during school hours.

Freedom of the press allows newspapers, radio, and television to write or announce what they want without fear of punishment.


Journalists may have to disclose his or her sources. The press does not have the right to publish deliberate lies in order to harm a person.

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This right is based on the belief that citizens have a right to complain to their representatives about things they do not like and would like to see changed. These petitions are then sent to government officials. Americans cannot be put in jail for criticizing the government or for expressing individual beliefs.

In some circumstances, our speech can be limited. List the freedom 2. Give an example 3. Draw a picture with color.