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Modern technology and its influence to my life

How Does Technology Impact Your Daily Life?

Staff Writer May23,2017 Print Over the last 2 to 3 decades, technology has become more and more a part of our daily lives, to the point where it has taken over our lives. Take a moment, stop reading this post and look around you. What do you notice?

  1. This is positive or negative?
  2. Lifestyle changes that happened after the use of technology.
  3. And our institutions are teaching, How to become better Gulam. They are learning and watching the things those were not possible to watch 25 years ago.
  4. Is artificial intelligence is the new tool of creativity? But who cares about the talent?
  5. And after 20 years, the Internet will be boring for them.

Do you see tech, gadgets, computers, video monitoring? Notice how our lives are surrounded by gadgets and tech appliances. The PC at your desk, the cell phone next to your bed, the Wifi router, even your thermostat — all these are examples of how technology has transformed every aspect of our lives; some for the good and others may not be so good. In this post, we are going to look at some of the latest feats in technology and analyze their positive and negative impact on our lives.

The Effect of Modern Technology on Our Lives

Smartphone Revolution It was just over a decade ago when cell phones were primarily used for calling and sending texts. Today, the uses of cell phones run the gamut. Phones do everything from taking high-resolution pictures to watching pixel-perfect videos, browsing the internet to playing graphic-intensive games to monitoring your movements. The advent of smartphones has simplified our lives immensely.

People now connect with their loved ones more frequently and easily through video calls and instant messaging services.

  • You register on a website, find a match and you start from there;
  • This is the technological effect;
  • In a nutshell, smartphone and apps have changed the way we work, communicate and play;
  • How to change your life in 30 days?
  • In fact, Technology has improved the way people feed, clothe and shelter themselves;
  • The village in which most powerful people rule the other such as artificial intelligence has changed this world and in future, it is growing at double speed.

In a nutshell, smartphone and apps have changed the way we work, communicate and play. In addition, the booming expansion of e-commerce and internet-based companies is directly proportional to the rapid proliferation of smartphones.

Smartphone Revolution

Less-Active Lifestyle While the smartphone revolution has made our lives easy, it has also made us lazy. Our sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activities can be partly attributed to the over-dependence on smartphones.

  • The future of technology is even more interesting than what is happening right now;
  • Technology has changed our daily business;
  • Robots are our new human model and at the end, only robots control this world;
  • You can research the market, you can analyze your competitors, you can learn about technological equipment.

This is especially true for the younger generation, who are constantly glued to their cell phones. In the modern era, cell phone addiction is having a negative impact on our lives.

  1. Take a moment to look around you. There are so many positives of technologies.
  2. But what are the solutions at that time?
  3. It is even possible to live without ever going into the bank.
  4. Errors were not uncommon as well. Technology impacted our life positively and negatively.

Care needs to be taken to deal with this issue in an effective way. The advancements made by the scientific and engineering community has turned Artificial Intelligence AI and robotics from science fiction to reality. What about automated assembly lines in industrial plants that can handle the manufacturing and packaging of goods on its own?

Sophisticated machines that are capable of working with minimal human intervention are sophisticated robots too.

Top 12 Examples, How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Driverless cars are yet another example of AI and robotics. With tech giants like Google, Tesla, and BMW involved in the production of driverless cars, it looks like we are going to see self-driving cars sooner than we may have expected. While the concept of Robotics and AI sounds exciting, it is not without flaws.

  • In the modern format, television sets now have Wi-Fi and can be connected to the Internet;
  • We are searching for friends on the internet;
  • A small information or practical knowledge is not produced by the teachers in the class but by the use of the internet.

Many people believe that the implementation of robotics and AI will lead to mass layoffs and unemployment. We have already seen how factory workers lost their jobs when automated assembly lines were introduced. Now, with driverless cars, intelligent chatbots, and more knocking at the door, it may turn out that drivers and customer support agents are going to have a hard time keeping their jobs. Future of Technology With each passing day, technology is growing by leaps and bounds.

And despite concerns about unemployment and over-dependence, proper use of technology holds a bright future for us. So, how can technology shape up the future in a better way?