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If you were kevin mccarthy what would you do now

So, just what are we getting ourselves into here? The politics lead, he is the man who wants to replace Speaker John Boehner and be second in line to the presidency.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Few leaders have sacrificed as much as McCain

We will ask Kevin McCarthy about the battle for the soul of the Republican Party and why he thinks anything will change under his leadership in a rare CNN interview. The world lead, blurred battle lines. Pop culture lead, his first night is being called everything from smooth and solid to crude and clumsy.

Our politics lead, he will be a little less tan, probably a little better at keeping his tear ducts from overflowing, but is Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Republican from California, really different enough from suddenly retiring House Speaker John Boehner to get dissatisfied conservatives in the House on board?

What will make McCarthy any different than his predecessor? Will he be able to do the job Boehner once described as keeping 218 frogs in a wheelbarrow long enough to get something passed? CNN senior political reporter Manu Raju is on Capitol Hill, where the behind-the-scenes battle to become the next speaker has the halls of Congress buzzing.

Manu, Leader McCarthy sat down with me for his first CNN interview since tossing his hat into the ring in the race for speaker. We're going to air that in a second. But what are you hearing in the halls right now from Republicans?

Do they want a conservative to challenge McCarthy? Well, Jake, right now, I'm standing outside the Republican Conference meeting, where they're actually going to have their first extended discussion about the way forward for their party after that sudden resignation of John Boehner.

Right now, there's only one Republican who has stepped up to challenge Kevin McCarthy. That's Daniel Webster from Florida. He's a conservative Republican, but he really does not have wide support, not even among the conservative wing of the party. He just got 12 votes when he ran against John Boehner himself in January.

And Republicans, particularly the House Freedom Caucus, which holds roughly 30, 35 votes on the House floor, and could be influential if they stick together, has decided not to endorse anyone at the moment. So, right now, what we're seeing is McCarthy and people who are vying for other leadership posts to begin if you were kevin mccarthy what would you do now courtship and to sell a lot of these conservatives and other members of the House Republican Conference on how they envision Republicans could advance their agenda.

Today is the beginning of that process. And what do rank-and-file Republicans want the new leadership team to do? Well, it depends on which pockets of rank-and-file Republicans we're talking about. If we're talking about those conservative groups, the House Freedom Caucus, for instance, they want a bigger say in leadership the table.

They want to have the opportunity to be involved in a lot of these strategy decisions and decision-making processes. Kevin McCarthy has not yet met with that group, but he plans to, probably later there week, I'm told. But there are also more moderate segments of the Republican Conference.

One member, a leading member, Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, told a few of us outside an earlier meeting today that what he expects the next leadership team to do is to avoid these crises-type situations of legislating, these things we have been seeing time and time again since 2011, to vow to avoid those type of things, and support bills that will keep the government open, and raise the debt ceiling, for instance Those are the big questions that McCarthy is going to have to deal with as he continues to meet with these groups.

All right, Manu Raju on Capitol Hill, thanks so much. Congressman Tom Massie of Kentucky, one of those leading the charge to vacate Speaker Boehner, he says moving the leadership -- quote -- "up one notch" shows the party is -- quote -- "tone-deaf. Specifically, what will be different under Speaker McCarthy?

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  • There's so many things we can do.

Well, it's a generational shift. And the one thing, how I deal with it is bottom up. I don't view myself as a team manager, but a team captain. I'm part of the team, but everybody else as well. When you get beyond the Beltway and you listen to what's going on, this is time that we have got to bring back -- that we're closer to who we represent, that they feel that this is their government, that they're in charge, and that we're here to serve them.

So, tangibly, what would that mean, though? Would that mean putting a spending bill on the president's desk that defunds Planned Parenthood, even though the president's going to veto it? Is that the tangible. Why wouldn't we challenge it? To get it to the president's desk, would you first start with a select committee to win the argument, then win the vote?

There's so many things we can do. But it's more bottom up, have the committees do more of the work, have everybody engaged in the process, have more of the regular order. I think that's a healthier way for the House to work. But everybody has a say, everybody has a voice, because everyone that comes to the House had about 750,000 people they're representing.

And you want those voices heard. But you would be working with the majority leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell. He called the defunding Planned Parenthood idea an exercise in futility. So, before you get through the obstruction that is President Obama, you have to get through the obstruction that is Mitch McConnell. Well, no, what you first have to do is lay out a plan. I'm willing to fight, but I want to fight to win. So, it's not just a policy. It's also a media.

And people have to join that. So, that's why, within a select committee -- think of this. When you look at poll numbers of Hillary Clinton, they have dropped. Unfavorables pretty high, because people say they don't trust her.

They don't trust her because of what they found out about the server and everything else. Would you ever have found that out had you not gathered the information from the Benghazi Select Committee? So, if we really want to be able to show what this Planned Parenthood has done, you see a few videos, so there's real question.

Have the select committee get all the information, all the hearings, so the public can see that. That's what -- you win the argument to win the vote. Speaking of votes, do you have the votes? Will you be the next speaker? Have you locked up it up? I feel very good about where I'm at.

That sounds like a yes, that you have the votes.

If you were kevin mccarthy what would you do now

I feel very good where I'm at. You have committed to no government shutdowns. Are you similarly committed to no defaulting on the debt?

  1. Have you locked up it up? His number two clearly won't.
  2. Is it just water off a duck's back? Take the money from the guys doing the bad things and give it to the ones who aren't.
  3. Unfavorables pretty high, because people say they don't trust her. He's in effect has left a vacuum there, and President Putin, ever opportunistic, has filled it, at least for the time being.

And how do you deal with the part of your party, House Republicans, who want these showdowns, who want to shut down the government? What people want to have is a change of Washington. Too many people in Washington care about power institutions, not caring about changing the lives of everyday Americans. So, what you want to have is, you don't want to have a cliff. You want to make that argument ahead of time, make your case, and put your ideas and your bill forward.

But then the president vetoes it, and then you have another bill ready to go? You know, welfare reform got vetoed a few times, didn't it? And then the president, after he signed it, claimed it was a great bill and helped transform this country, put us on a better path. It's not a problem to send a bill to the White House a couple times.

In terms of your personal priorities, your district, California, is 35 percent Latino.

And you have, as a lawmaker, a more moderate position on immigration reform than many of your colleagues. How important is the Latino vote to your party taking the White House next year? Latino vote, the Asian vote, all the vote is important.

This is a microcosm of America. And we have to be able to expand. But that does not mean that you shouldn't have your borders secure. What it means, from a perspective, if you want to reach out to people, you treat everybody as an American.

If you were kevin mccarthy what would you do now

You talk about how it changes the average American's lives every day, be it the economy, education. Those are the things that you actually bring the party stronger in. But you have talked about a path to legal status for illegal immigrants. I'm opposed to amnesty, because we are a country of rule of law. And if you break society down, where a new generation comes in breaking the law, you will break society. So, you have to start with a secure border. Our border is broken; 51 percent of everyone that is here illegally came here legally on a visa.

We have to change the visa program. So, there's a lot of things you can do within immigration to make it -- and I believe America is a melting pot, but we want to make sure that we do it right. Senator Ted Cruz has had a lot of influence when it comes to conservatives in your caucus.

Speaker Boehner famously called him a jackass. How would you describe Senator Cruz and the role he plays with House Republicans?